This will stop soon enough.

I’m still in my lack of sleep, high stress life right now. I am working my way out of it soon enough.

I am getting words down. I am exercising. So I’m taking care of what needs taking care of.

But I still have this cough. I’m still not sleeping well. I really want thing to return to normal.

Therefore I am cutting back on many things to keep my thoughts and focus clear. I apologize for the lack of quality posts.

In other news, saved a baby bird from the back yard. It can fly a little, but not well. Made it from the front yard, where I’d seen it hanging out on one of the plants, and into the backyard.

My Favorite Daughter and Hiji are here so they have the dogs with them. When they left, Mya, the Sheppard, was poking around the backyard and I heard some weird screeching. It was the baby.

I took her back to the front yard and put her in a tree while I looked around for a nest. I didn’t find one and will look for the baby in the morning. Hopefully the story will have a happy ending.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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