Baby Bird Update

This little guy blends in very well with the tree, the ground, the dead leaves. At first I thought he’d flown away, but he’s still around.

Let me start by saying I’m not a bird expert. Please don’t come here for bird advice. I’m doing the best I can and reading what to do online from bird experts. When I say I did ‘x’ it’s because that’s the advice I read on multiple sites.

First, the little bird is able to flutter around. Based on the type of bird, this normally happens 3-5 days before they can fly away and fend for themselves. Being that we first spotted the baby yesterday, it’ll be a couple of days before it’s taking wing.

Secondly, where it was hiding is in full sunlight. I carefully captured it and moved it to the backyard which isn’t far from the front yard (just over the fence). It’ll be in a more shaded area. It does squawk loudly. If it’s hungry, mom or dad will come to feed it. I did not give it food or water. That’s its parents job.

The main reason I moved it, it was sleeping in direct sunlight. Even if it were on the ground, direct sunlight. I found the worst possible spot to hang out on one of the hottest days of the year. Therefore, I moved it.

The goal was to not stress it out. I calmly cupped my hand over it to keep it from flapping and scooped it up. It clung to my finger and watched me closely. I moved it to the other side of the fence so it’s still close enough for mom and dad to hear it should the look for it. This area also has grass and shade to keep it cool.

As I’d said, it’s fluttering around, so it’s almost ready to strike out on its own. According to the website, 3-5 days after they first start to flap around, they’ll be ready to fly on their own. Today it only day 2. We’ll give it a couple of more days before we start to worry about it. At least I know it wasn’t a baby that fell from the nest. Those, normally, don’t survive.

At any rate. I’m happy to help this critter.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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