Yes, it’s late again.

Sitting at the computer and typing up a blog post, albeit late, feels strange this evening. No, I’m not back on schedule yet. I haven’t found my rhythm. I know I’ve much to do in order to get back on track with everything I want to do.

Yes, I had planned this evening to do just that. I was going to practice some bass, exercise, write, record a 5-a-day-with-Jay, write up this blog post. If you’re seeing where I’m going with this…well, none of that happens.

What did happen, I made dinner (i.e. went to Taco Bell), made some popcorn, and My Favorite Daughter came over with the poppies. The Mrs, MFD, and I got caught up with Big Brother. Relaxed. Took it easy. It wasn’t a hard day at work, but it still felt good to unwind after such an active vacation.

Tomorrow may be more relaxing. We shall see. Small plans. Nothing major.

For now, I’m off to bed.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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