Rick and Morty.

I’m getting caught up with Rick and Morty today. Honestly, I love how weird this show is. If you need a master-class on weird story telling, alternate realities, nihilism, and other such oddities, this show is all in.

I also practiced some bass today. Felt great to loosen up the old fingers.

Oh, and while in Florida, my nephew showed me how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. I’d know long ago, relearned recently, and now I know once again. I’ll be solving it daily as it’s a good 5 minute (or less) mental exercise.

Started the day getting up WAY too early, helping My Favorite Daughter make cookies for an event she was headed to. Her and Hijo weren’t able to get them all done last night. Took her to the event while he finished making more cookies, then took him, then the Mrs and I took the truck and MFD’s car so Hijo could go to work at Sea World from the event. We visited a couple of Animal Shelters to begin looking for a new baby to bring home.

All in all, a rather full day.

Oh, and I did get the shark in the video. I’ll have to get that posted. 🙂

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