Hella Mega


Tonight, we’re headed the Hella Mega tour. I’ve seen Green Day (way back when) and Fall Out Boy (when they first broke out). I’ve never seen Weezer. Given how much all these bands have changed over the years, this should be an incredible concert.

Yes, all precautions will be taken including self-quarantine for several days afterwards. Very excited to see this show. We haven’t been to a concert in so very long.

Spent some time today doing remedial bass practice. I’ve always played with a pick and it’s interested to play with my fingers instead. I’ve never had focused instruction in this area. I’ve always used a pick and learned songs I wanted to learn. I felt now was the time to knuckle down (pun intended) and learn better technique. I’ll keep you posted on that progress as well.

I need to send an email to my newsletter. I’ll be doing that next. I never told them ASH2 is out and there’s a sale starting tomorrow! I’d best get on that.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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