Hella Mega was Hella Cool

It’s been a very long time since we’ve been to a concert. My Favorite Daughter had gotten her ticket some time ago and asked the Mrs and I if we’d like to go. So she got us tickets because she’s awesome like that.

I’d seen Greenday way back when. They were more of an opening type act and not headlines. Sure, they were still huge, but nothing like now. Fall Out Boy we saw when MFD was 7 or 8. She’s always been a fan of them. Weezer was the only main act I hadn’t seen. Then there were the Interrupters.

The Interrupters reminded me a lot of the Pretenders. Female lead, good, groovy bass lines. Tight playing. Good songs. Really enjoyed them.

Weezer is that band you forget how many songs they have that you know. Then you hear them and go “Oh yeah!”. I’m not a major fan, but I do enjoy their music. They had an interested stage set up and played before it got dark.

Fall Out Boy started when it was still light out, but finished when it was dark. They’re a solid band and put on an incredible show. They’re a band that, to me, was always destined to play big places with a full sound and an active stage presence.

Then there’s Greenday. As I said, saw them back in the day. I’ve enjoyed their music since Dookie. I was a skater punk in my teens. I was in a punk band in the early 90s. So it was natural for me to love their music. Back in the day, it always seemed like they were trying to be bigger than they were ready for. To me, at least. Yes, they put on a good show, interacted with the audience. Got rowdy and all that.

Last night, Greenday was amazing. Billy Joe can really get a crowd motivated. Their stage show has grown so much from the trio they originally were. Yes, they’ve an incredible catalog of music now and they played all the hits, old and new.

We had a great time last night. I’m glad live music is back. Can’t wait to do that again. Well, once my old body feels better and I get my voice back.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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