A few small updates.

The Computer

For those following along, the home PC is doing well. Yes, I did a backup of my writing (I do weekly regardless as should you!). I’m still amazed that the CMOS battery (a $2 part) caused my machine to go belly up. I’d like to think, being that we live in the future now, that this wouldn’t be as critical of a failure.

The Puppy

Gracie (we haven’t renamed her again, previously she was Abby) is doing wonderful. She still won’t go in or out of the doggie door on her own. The sound of it closing scares her. Heck, any noise scares her. We need to walk her later in the evening when there isn’t as much sound about. Still getting her used to the neighbor.

The Mrs did a great job of leash training in 2 days. She doesn’t like to be pulled and will stop often for no apparent reason, but at least she won’t freeze when on the leash and refuse to move at all. That took some time and effort (and little chicken treats). She will, on occasion, lay down as if to say “I’m done.” It’s cute.

The Book Sale

If you haven’t read Paradise Palms yet, it’s still on sale. Reformatted and updated the print book contents (the print edition isn’t on sale at this time).

A Kickstarter

Finally, J. Daniel Sawyer is a close, personal friend of mine. You’d do well to seek out one or two of his many books. He’s currently running a KickStarter campaign for his latest, non-fiction book where he delves into the Young Adult books of Robert Heinlein. Dan is witty, funny, well-written, and smarter than I am. I’ve already ordered my copy and, if you’re nervous about this campaign succeeding, it’s already funded (on the first day). There are some great rewards.

The Secrets of the Heinlein Juveniles

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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