Boy it’s been a week.

Ever have one of those weeks where it felt like 2 or 3 weeks passed and you wonder how you got everything done that you did? Yeah. That’s how this week felt.

Work is busier than ever. It ebbs and flows like that. This week just happened to be a busier than normal week. Part of that was due to an outage we worked yesterday. I was woken up at 6am by a text message. Got online, and worked past 6pm my time. I still got in my workout and watched Big Brother with the Mrs, but wow was yesterday a LONG day.

Today was another wonky day. We have something at work called No Meetings Fridays. Yeah. It happens. Sometimes. Today wasn’t one of those days. Lots of little items kept popping up and I kept dealing with them. Given the nature of my work dealing with Cybersecurity in a major telecom, I can’t talk about what I do or what I did this week, but suffice to say, it was a busy day and a busier than normal week.

Pile on top of that, I’ve been running a sale on Paradise Palms that, because I haven’t been able to put too much effort into it, I haven’t sold a single copy. Please, if you’re not interested, don’t buy a copy just because I said that. It’s an older book, it sold well in the past. I figured some might like it for a buck. I really don’t mind if it sells 0 copies this week. It’s not like it’s sold any in the past couple of years.

But this gave me a thought. I think, for certain titles, I need to start expanding out. Paradise Palms will likely be the first title I go wide with. Really go wide. See what happens. I’ll need to work on the description, but that’s an easy fix. Given that I’ve got the latest epub version ready to go, I shouldn’t have an issue getting it dropped everywhere.

Why am I not doing all my titles at once? Simple, I’m still figuring out my strategy here. I very well may do that. V&A Shipping is Space Opera which, normally, does well in Kindle Unlimited. So, for now, I want to leave that there. As for other titles, like Golden West, I very well may go wide with that one as well. And Supernatural Learning. I don’t see a benefit staying locked into Amazon with those titles at the moment.

Again, still learning here. Feel free to argue with me in the comments about my decision either way.

I’m also contemplating bringing back 5-a-Day-With-Jay. It’ll be a shorter show with one long episode per week. I’ll try to have a punchier topic daily and move on from there.

I spoke with a good friend of mine today. See Yesterday’s post for his KickStarter campaign. We’re thinking about having a weekly, or bi-weekly book talk. We spent a few minutes talking about books each of us have read and that prompted the other to go “Yes! I remember that title. In fact, I was reading some Lovecraft a couple of years ago…” “Wait! What? Me Too! I was reading some Poe and wanted to see how it related to Lovecraft…” “OMFG! I love Poe!”

And the conversation kept going like that with us talking about Tad Williams, Frank Herbert, Heinlein, and so many other authors. if Dan and I do this, it could be quite a hoot. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Finally, I think I know what I want to do with TikTok #writertok #authortok #booktok. It’s a simple idea I’ve had for quite some time. I can easily get 30-40 videos ready to go in no time at all. I can upload one per day. It’ll be a lot of fun and hopefully give room for others to interact with the content. That’s the goal of TikTok is audience engagement. I think I’ve an idea to engage people. We shall see.

Because I’m going to spend some time tomorrow sitting around and recording.

I lied, one final thing. Gracie (formerly Abby) is still doing great. She loves to lie on my feet while I’m working. It’s strange because she’ll snuggle up with the Mrs at night, but once she goes to workout and comes back, Gracie acts like there’s a stranger coming into the house and hides. We haven’t even had her a week yet. I know she’ll get less skittish over time. We’re working with her on all that. All in all, she’s a good dog and we’re both happy she’s in the house.

I need to get a good night’s sleep. My brain is on overload.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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