More free ebooks? What?

Hey Gang!

First, I’m still crazzzzy busy getting the contents of ever ebook and print book updated and out there. It’s a tedious process and I’m working through it. I’ve gotten everything updated that isn’t part of the V&A Universe.

As for the V&A Universe, there are currently 6 books available and the 7th is on its way soon enough. What I’m doing is to aid readers to follow the reading order across all the series. It begins with Stowaway: V&A Shipping Book 1. But if you don’t read each series in the Universe, you’ll miss that Orphan: Giant Robot Planetary Competition Book 1 is the next one to read. There’s no harm in reading Hollow: V&A Shipping Book 2 next. Both are separate stories. Yet there are threads that run through each, building into a bigger tapestry.

For that reason, I’m adding a note to the reader inside each print book to gently point to the next book in the reading order. For those getting the ebook editions, I’ll have the first 4 chapters of the next book in the series included. This will help the reader decide if they wish to read in the author’s preferred order, or go at it on their own. Neither way is wrong.

That said, it’s a LOT of work. I’ve done a ton of uploading and editing over the past couple of days. I’m in the home stretch and I hope to have it completed this evening.

Also, September 28th, many of my books will no longer be part of Kindle Unlimited. It’s time for my distribution of these titles to go wide! If you wish to read them in KU, now is the time. If you would like to pick up some free ebooks, the Supernatural Learning Series will be free this week. Astel and Billy Barbarian will be free next week. The sale of Paradise Palms didn’t go as intended, so I’m not too concerned with it getting pulled from KU to find other markets.

Here’s the link to My Teacher is a Zombie. From there, you can find the others in the collection. Happy Reading!

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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