It’s time.

If you recall this video/post, and if you don’t, that’s time. The video currently has 0 views, I mentioned that it was time to stop doing 5 a Day With Jay. A one year run and 175 episodes, it was time to stop. Mainly because I wasn’t gaining viewer ship and it felt more like an obligation to keep doing them than fun creating them.

That’s where we come to this blog. We’ve done nearly a year with daily posts. Though it’s fun to sit down every day and write something up, it’s feeling more like an obligation to keep doing it rather than something fun I feel like doing. Combined with low readership and even lower reader interaction, I feel it’s time to do something different here.

So, we’re going to stop doing this blog every day. As Evo Terra said in his podcast, Fun Anymore, I’ll stop doing this when it isn’t Fun Anymore. And he stopped and moved on to something new. That’s my plan.

Unlike Evo, I will keep this same blog, but I’m going to move to a weekly format. After I take a couple of weeks off, my plan is to blog once per week, record a video once per week, and do a short story Saturday once every-other week. This will give me more time to commit to doing it right instead of winging it. Perhaps add a little more structure and story to what I’m doing instead of rambling.

We will see how it goes.

So, I’ll be going dark for a spell. Don’t fret, I shall return.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Hey JR, Mr. Moody here. Sorry your videos weren’t getting much traffic. Its always difficult, personally I always wondered if yours would have done better as purely audio.

    • When I redo the podcast, there will also be the audio only version. Sadly, the audio I was posting also saw 0-1 views each, so I’m guessing no, the daily format wasn’t working either. We will try weekly and see what happens.

  2. Your fans will still be here when you return! Also I just followed you on TikTok. Cool stuff keep it up bro.

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