A Patreon I support.

I back a good number of Kickstarter campaigns, a majority of them comics. I also follow a good number of webcomics online and in my blog feed.

Then there’s Patreon. This is different. I’m very particular where I spend my money. I wish I had unlimited funds to back every creator I’d love to support on Patreon. I know this can, for many, be a great source of income. As a creator, I’ve given thought to starting a Patreon account for monthly fiction, perhaps some audio work, even my books.

But this isn’t about me. This is about a particular webcomic I support on Patreon and why.

Ike and Joe by Nathaniel Gold.

This is one of many webcomics I found on Instagram and started following the blog. The simple art style grabbed me. The fact some of the characters are some type of monster interested me. The snark and one-liners kept me coming back.

When I say “simple art style” I mean this is reminiscent of Sunday funnies like Garfield and Peanuts with its influence. I mean, look at the banner graphic. It’s like Charlie Brown and Linus standing behind a wall having a conversation. Or John Arbuckle talking to Garfield on the counter. Even though the characters, settings, and colors are very different from your standard Sunday funny, there are elements of those classic comics.

Staying in the Garfield and Peanuts vein, we also have a pet in the comic, Theo, that has his own adventures and witty snark. A female love interested that shuns all affection, Eileen. Even a robot…oh, wait, that’s different from the other comics. But BOB is a great robot counterpart to the overall comic. Even Paul, the hairy, weird friend joins in the fun.

It’s a simple cast and if you read the comic for a week or two, you’ll know all the characters involved and catch on to their personalities quickly. It’s a great comic because you can jump in at any point without long running storylines that force you to go back years to understand an inside joke.

Why do I support Ike and Joe? Because it makes me laugh the way the funny pages used to make me laugh. It’s got instant nostalgia, an interesting coloring style, and a fun cast of characters. As I said at the start, I wish I had infinite funds to support more creators and at higher levels than I currently do. Check out Ike and Joe. It might be a comic for you, and if you like it enough, check out their Patreon.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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