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Daily Update: Cruise Control

Yesterday went from being a better day (far better than Monday or Tuesday) to a really good day. I wrote up another Unorthodox Writing Tip for Mike Plested’s Get Published. I also knocked out 1400 words in the next episode of Golden West. It was a good day to write. I sat, typed, and magic happened. I love it when days like that fall into my lap.

It’s funny the way I’m writing Golden West considering the UWT I just wrote. I discuss writing as a recursive process with several steps to get to a completed manuscript. I threw all that out the window for Golden West and the story is a very ‘seat of my pants’ story with only a vague idea where it started and where it’ll end. I did no plotting or anything else that I normally do for a book length work. So it’s funny that I wrote the UWT, then proceeded to throw my own advice right out the window and just start typing.

I do have an idea in my head where the story is going overall and I know it’ll advance through three seasons. After that I’ll have to figure out what I plan on doing with the story. Rather than pants seasons 2 and 3, I’m confident that I’ll be plotting those out ahead of time before I write them and I’ll likely write them in one shot rather than do one episode per month. I’ve got a good feel for how long each episode should be and how long it’ll take me to record and prepare the podcast.

I still need to sit and start some editing. That will likely happen after this weekend. I’ll be silent all weekend due to being out of town. I’ll be off visiting my relatives in DisneyLand. Goofy and Donald will be happy to see me again. I’m sure they’ve missed me. If you follow me on twitter or facebook I’m sure I’ll post more than one picture.

Next week I’m excited about the release of the first Hobbit Movie. I WILL be seeing this movie in the theaters. I’ll be buying it on DVD. I will own this movie without a doubt. I don’t care they made it into three movies, that just means that every little detail in the book will come through, right? Peter Jackson did a great job with the Lord of the Rings and I know he’ll do right by the Hobbit. I’ll probably re-read the book as some point between now and then just so I can in with a clear perspective. I’ve read many blog posts by folks I follow and I know I’m not alone in my excitement. I’ll, of course, review the movie after I see it.

There’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. So many words, so little time. I’d better make something happen.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: Back to the Trenches

So there I am just sitting there minding my own business when BAM! Monday happened. And they Tuesday came in rapid succession. I mean, really? Did you have to go and happen that fast?

Monday was a horrid day for productivity at the day job due to a major server outage. Oh, nothing related to production servers, there were all development and test servers. Sadly I develop on development and test servers. So my Monday was spent taking care of a couple admin issues, helping a couple people out, and whining that I could get any ‘real’ work accomplished.

Tuesday was more of the same until around 2PM.  Sadly around that time most everyone that could actually help me when I ran into an issue was gone for the day so we’ll call Monday and Tuesday a wash.

Thankfully I had reviewed my code, had my questions prepared, and this morning I was able to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time. We’ll see what the rest of the day holds.

Needless to say, stress on the day job translates to difficulty getting started when I sit and want to write. Monday I didn’t sit until 9PM and only wrote for 30 minutes and last night was the Millican’s birthday and anniversary celebration so after much awesome food, cake, and great company it was time to head home and sit and stare at the screen and dare it to try and stay blank.

Both nights I only wrote for about 30 minutes, but I was able to knock out around 1000 words each time. I’m happy with the words and we’ll see what happens today. I need at least another 2000 to get through the latest episode of the Action Pack Podcast. Then I’ll work on the January 1st episode and then I’ll get back to V&A II.

I still have much editing to do and I’m still riding the high from NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month where you attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days). I’m also astonished that I’ve written 470,000 words at this point in the year. I know I’ll clear 500,000 without breaking a sweat. That’s just the way it is and the way my words are flowing out.

Speaking which, I need to write words with a fury so I’ll be ready for 2013. Next year is going to be a big year. If I don’t put these words in the right order, no one will! We can’t have that, now can we?

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: Finding my groove

So I took the weekend off from writing. I spent lots of time with the fam. It was great. Relaxing even. I didn’t stress about word counts or edits or anything like that.

Yesterday I did my NaNoWriMo postmortem and that got me to thinking a lot about what I did all throughout 2012. The ups, the downs, the trips, the falls, the spills, the good days and the bad. It’s still on my mind and I will be writing it up.

What I hadn’t thought about was momentum. I didn’t sit down until after 9PM last night to actually write anything. I had intended to sit and write a lot earlier, but the way the day had gone and the amount of stress from things going wrong at work to a degree that had me flustered all day left me drained. So when i sat to write I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I stared at a blank screen.

I didn’t just stare. I couldn’t figure out what I was going to write. My mind felt as blank as the page I stared at. I went back, re-read the previous chapter and…


So I did what I always recommend if the words aren’t coming. I hadn’t had to do this in a long long time. I got up and poked my head outside. I listened to the cars go by. Took a deep, cleansing breath, felt the chill in the air, listened to the dogs bark. I just let all the days stress go.

I went back inside, I sat, and I typed one word. Then I typed another. Slowly at first, but I built up speed. After roughly 35 minutes of typing I had nearly 1000 words and I felt good about that. I have a good idea where things will go in the next scene and things will explode. A character will reappear. Things will move more than they have in the previous couple of chapters. I hadn’t written Golden West in over a month so it was tough to change gears.

But like I said, this reminded me about momentum. Yes, I can type fast. Yes, I can write many days in a row to build up a large word count. But momentum here worked in two ways. One was against me, the other for me.

Against me because I was working on one piece, V&A Shipping II. I was full steam ahead and cranking out words like nobody’s business. I was writing nearly every day and putting out some great numbers.

It was working against me because I needed to write something completely different. A different era, different characters, different genre, different point in the story, different tensions. Everything about Golden West and V&A Shipping II was different and it wasn’t easy to break stride and change gears. Yes, writing is writing, but momentum is everything.

This got me thinking. Once I finish V&A II, I’ll be working to finish Golden West Season I. Then I’ll do Golden West Season II. This will clear that off my schedule for next year. I know how long each episodes needs to be now. I know how long the season should be. I know what will happen next year. It’s just a matter of getting the words written. This is how I’ll use momentum in my favor. This will free up my mind to focus on one task and one task only instead of trying to jump around.

At some point this month I need to work on my writing schedule. I know how much I can write in a given month now. I know how long it’ll take me to complete a novel. I know what those novels ARE! I just need to get my schedule set and start writing to that schedule.

Then I need to plan what I’m releasing and build a loose schedule for that. There is a lot to do. I’m glad I’ll have the last couple weeks of the year off. I need to do so many things in that time. I think I’d better get at it.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Postmortem


First of all, I ‘won’ NaNoWriMo. That was one of my many goals for 2012 was to finally win NaNoWriMo. I’d only done this once in 2007 when I was working on the first V&A Shipping novel. This year I was working on the sequel to V&A Shipping and I had a blast writing it. Writing goals I’ll discuss later this month when I do my 2012 postmortem. There’s a lot to discuss on 2012 and NaNoWriMo is just one small piece.

Coming into NaNoWriMo I was trying to finish up Of Gnomes and Dwarves Book 1. I’d written and re-written and edited this book to death over about a ten year span. One of my goals for 2012 was to use the first book as an outline and write it from scratch and not try and edit the book to be better. I started that effort in mid-September and thought I would be able to finish prior to NaNoWriMo starting.

Heh heh

So as it got closer to November and I needed to get an episode of Golden West written and produced as well as assembling the Action Pack Podcast I had my work cut out for me. I still had a ways to go with Of Gnomes and Dwarves and I also needed to get a plot written up before I began.

I finished Of Gnomes and Dwarves on October 30th by writing 4000 words per day the last few days. It was a blast to write the end of that book and coming off that high I needed to be ready for another marathon of writing all of November. I honestly wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off. I was spent after the end of re-writing the first book I’d ever written, but I was excited to write V&A II.

October 31st 2012; Halloween. Lots to do as it was a work day, Halloween, and much to do that night. I had a rough plot in my head and I had a vague idea of where the story was going to start and where it was going to end. I knew I was going to be introducing an unexpected romance, a new character from Earth, and a Dyson Sphere in trouble. I even had the first line in my head.

“It’s kind of hard to lose a planet, kid.”

This, of course, would be Vic talking to Joey. What did Joey do wrong? How’d they lose the planet? Where was the planet going? How was B.T. Justice going to be involved? How were they going to get out of this pickle? So many questions.

I wrote 25 sentences to get me just over halfway through the story and a few questions that I knew needed answering in the long run. Some answered in Book 2, some will carry over in the series. I didn’t have any names for anything. That was a major frustration, but I’m good like that and I’ve gotten better in not letting something like that slow me down.

So the day before NaNoWriMo I wrote around 400 words of plot. That was it. I felt weak in the knees. I felt like I rushed Of Gnomes and Dwarves. I didn’t think I could pull off 50,000 words in November with Thanksgiving, volleyball games, practices and everything else going on. It’s a short month and so much going on.


Here’s a screenshot of my excel spreadsheet to show the NaNoWriMo word goal. You can see I had a great first day, then nada the second day. Yeah. I was worried, but I knew I could pick up the slack. I did great for most of the month. You can then see things fell apart toward the end of the month and a couple days where it was touchy and others where it was plain nose to the grindstone and go for it writing. This is just how I work even though I try to write daily.

It wasn’t an easy month. A lot happened. I lot went on in my head thinking about things I needed to take care of. Plans beyond December into 2013 and so many things I need to take care of. But this was one goal I promised myself. I was going to knock NaNoWriMo out of the park. I didn’t knock it out of the park, but I had a solid showing and I’m proud of that. A hit is still a hit even if it wasn’t a home run.

One of the biggest things I learned in NaNoWriMo that I’ve tried to stick with throughout the year is to keep on writing. Don’t worry about what’s broke, just keep going until you hit then end and THEN worry about what’s broke. I can always re-write scenes, chapters, sections, and in the case of Of Gnomes and Dwarves, entire books. Everything is fixable. Pushing ahead in spite of your internal editor and your own self doubts is what matters.

I’ll admit one thing. Before NaNoWriMo I deleted all the games off my tablet and phone. Angry Birds, Temple Run, couple tower defense games, everything. Gone. Zap. Done! It wasn’t easy, but I did it. This was the best thing I could have done for my productivity during November. No longer did I have the excuse of “Oh, I’ll just get three stars on this one level and then I’ll get to writing. Okay, one more level.” That kind of mentality ate away many hours prior to NaNoWriMo and I wasn’t about to let it eat away my time during November.

I also got back in the habit of “I’m not feeling it” and forcing myself to get up and come back in five or ten minutes and start over. Basically doing a reset in my brain so I would not focus on a blank page, but start typing. I even started with my Daily Updates again which are a great primer to get all the funk out of my head. It helps me work through what I’m doing, keeps my goal in front of me, and forces me to address the day at hand.

If I looked at 50,000 words, that was overwhelming. I won’t lie. It’s daunting. But when I look at 1667 that’s not a daunting number. I can type that many words in one sitting no problem. I’ve done 2500 words an hour before if I’m excited enough or motivated enough. I just need to focus on the task at hand and go for it.

Looking at something so big in smaller chunks helps even when looking at my annual goal, but we’ll cover that when I do my 2012 breakdown.

All in all I wrote 67,830 words during the month of November. 50105 of those words were new fiction. I’m excited about that number. I’m looking at November and I know I won’t write 50,000 words for a couple of reasons, but we’ll get to that in another post.

I took the entire weekend off from writing. I read a lot of short stories. I read a good chunk of a new book (How I slept Myself to the Middle by Kevin Pollak) and I relaxed as much as possible. The new few weekends will be PACKED and even though I have the last two weeks of the year off, I will not be getting as much writing done as I’d like.

That being said, it’s time to do the day job.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 29

Before I start, let me mention that I have a free story out there for your enjoyment. A twitter discussion went from “What was just done” “Comparing weasel stories” to “What to do next?” I didn’t participate in the weasel stories, but they were great fun. Once I discovered there was going to be another round or flash fiction and we were discussing the topic, I was intrigued. It went from lost in the woods, to mermaids, to sirens, to zombie sirens. There were likely more iterations than that, but Zombie Sirens? Pfft, sign me up.

Yes, Yes. I know it’s NaNoWriMo and I was behind on my word count and all that, but I still decided to write a story. Man cannot survive on Space Opera alone. There are seven stories live so far (mine being number seven).  Check out the story here! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also be sure to check out the other stories. They’ve run the gamut  of what could be done. It’ nice to be included in such company 🙂

So That NaNoWriMo stuff. Yeah. I was behind a couple thousand words a couple days ago. What did I do? Did I panic? Did I freak out? Did I freeze up and say “To Hell with it”? NO! I sat my butt down and wrote and wrote and wrote until my fingers bled ink! I made the keyboard dance my dance. I whipped that story around until it couldn’t spin no more.

I wrote 3000+ words yesterday not just getting me caught up to my NaNoWriMo goal, but getting me ahead. Tonight I only need to type out 1300 words and I will have achieved my NaNoWriMo goal. Heck, I could probably do that during my lunch time.

How did I write so much yesterday? I hit an exciting part in the story. It’s all out action from here to the end. Well, the end of the action anyway. Once the crew solves the two dilemmas I’ve thrown at them they’ll have some work to do, a brief down period.  There will be a wrap up chapter or two and then it’s over. Yes, I’m at the 50,000 word mark that I wanted to hit for November, but there’s still a lot of story to go. I’ll be trying to get this done during December while I’m working on a dozen other things to prepare for 2013. Exciting times are ahead. I can tell you that.

So am I still excited about writing after so many words during 2012 and a grueling NaNoWriMo? Oh hell yes. I think I’m even more excited now. I don’t just want to write more books, but I’ve got more ideas for each series I’m going to be working on. I’m loving the creative freedom I feel when I type. I can’t imagine not writing now.

I’ll try and contain my excitement until I write my NaNoWriMo postmortem and my 2012 year in review. As I keep saying, I learned a lot this year. I hope you’ll enjoy (and have enjoyed) what I’ve shared.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 28

NaNoWriMo is coming to a close. There are only two days left. How am I doing? I’m sitting on ~46000 words. That means just around 4000 words to go to hit my target for November. I’m probably 15000-20000 away from completing the novel. I’m having great fun with the story. I can already see where it needs beefing up, corrections, deletions, etc. It’s funny that the deeper you get into a book you realize where you short changed and where you overspent. As I said, there will be a NaNoWriMo postmortem coming in December.

As for yesterday, I managed around 2500 words to get me partially caught up. I should be able to do about the same today leaving Friday to finish up. I’m building toward a fun climax for the story and there will, of course, be another show down between Vic and Buford. That was inevitable, wasn’t it? Of course it was. Just how will Vic outsmart the good Sheriff is yet to be written, but it’ll be a fun ride getting there. Just need to take care of this mini-dyson sphere first.

So not much to report today. I think tomorrow I’ll have a little story available for you. I participated in a flash challenge and it was fun. I wrote a zombie siren story (this all started from a discussion on twitter). I’ll post all the details about it tomorrow.

First I need to get through the day job and there’s a lot to do. Another big project coming to a close. I’d better get at it.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 27

Give me 3 hours to just sit and write and I will waste 2 1/2 hours. That’s just my nature. Sorry about that.

I actually had more time than that yesterday, but I took my favorite daughter to a place where she could do her conditioning and we could hit the volleyball around for a little while. Then I made some awesome mac and cheese (ok, really shells and cheese) with some left over ham (Thank you Millicans!). By the time I sat down to write I had surfed twitter, facebook, chatted with my friend Mike (that Plested fellow I wrote Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty with… you’ll know the book one day)

So I put my hands on the keyboard and the wife called. She had worked late and was on her way home.  I was expecting her a little later and thought I still had time to write. I made dinner for her so she’d have a hot meal when she got home then wrote like a FURY because I had wasted all the time I was going to write. Yeah, I need to stop wasting time I know.

So right now I’m one day (about 1500 words) behind for NaNoWriMo. I know I can easily make that up, it’s just a matter of not wasting time I have available. It’s just human nature to do so. I don’t really feel like I wasted that much time, but it was time I could have spent wiser and gotten more writing done.

As for V&A Shipping II; I’m still having a blast writing it. The crew is on the run…again. Things are starting to fall apart. I need to decide what’s going to happen next. I have a good idea, I just feel like I’m rushing the plot, the pacing feels off. I’m trying to allow things to congeal in my mind so when I put them down it doesn’t feel that way. Perhaps when I re-read and re-write I’ll have a better feel for where it’s lacking. For now I just need to press on and I’ll get to my NaNoWriMo goal. I do have a B.T. Justice chapter next and he’s so much fun to write that I know I’ll blast though his chapter.

So I’m still having fun, but December is on my mind. I need to write my Action Pack episode and record it. I’m anxious to get into the Jack Kane edits. I’m eager to get into the edits for all the books I want to put out next year. I’m excited about the prospect of getting the cover work for V&A Shipping and seeing that book in print and ebook as well as re-recording it. hopefully V&A Shipping II will be hot on its heels, but I think I’ll be putting out Of Gnomes and Dwarves second. So much to plan out.

Okay, stop me. I’m distracting myself. First I need to get the day job out of the way and finish out NaNoWriMo with a strong finish and then December will take care of itself.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: NoNoWriMo Day 26

Wow, we’re in the homestretch of this NaNoWriMo thing. Just a few days left. The pressure to finish has begun. Will I get finished? Won’t I? What will I feel if I do? What will I feel if I do? Does it matter that I still won’t be any closer to having a completed novel? So many questions.

I’m actually more excited to be writing my 2012 postmortem. I’ll do a NaNoWriMo postmortem first to explain the little I learned over the course of November, but it was nothing that hadn’t come to me during the year already. Honestly, I could probably type it up now, but I’ll hold off. There are many other words to write first and I need to get to those.

So Yesterday I sat. I wrote. I knocked out just over 1000 words. Yeah, I was behind yesterday and now I’m more behind today. My Favorite Daughter had a volleyball banquet and spending time with her, or any family, or friends, is more important that shoving my nose in the the computer and typing like a madman. Sure, I think writing is one of my priorities, but there are choices, and then there’s life to live.

I read a post by J.R. Blackwell (yes, I find it funny that she and I share the J.R. of our names) and her post was insightful. It’s something I really needed to think about. There are a lot of people out there that write. Most are not comfortable with their level of writing ability. Some have life happen and just stop writing. Still others never even try and give up before they start. If you want to be a writer and see work published, you need to take risks and one of those risks is getting your work in front of people. It’s scary, but if you’re persistent talent be damned, you will find an audience.

There are some terrible authors out there. No, really. Some are just plain awful. I can’t count the number of books that have explained a story to me that had me so bored I had to put the book down. There are others that have stories that either make no sense or have plot holes that drive me mad (there are a lot of movies like that, but I digress). Finally you’ll find authors that just plain can’t tell a cohesive story. What do all of these have in common? They’re all PUBLISHED! Someone saw their work and loved it and decided it needed to be in print.

You are you own worst critic. If you write, don’t judge your own material against someone else’s material. Allow others to judge your material on its own merit. That’s the best thing you can do. When you sit alone and write it’s difficult to tell yourself that what you’re writing is any good. Trust me, you’ll see every flaw and learn to hate your writing unless you can get another person to read it and even then you’ll still tell yourself that it sucks and it could be better and and and…

Stop and take a breath. Realize that 1) no one is forcing you to write and 2) you should be having fun writing that story.

If you’re not having fun then I think you should reassess why you’re writing in the first place. If you’re having fun and don’t want anyone else to read your work, that’s fine. No, really. There’s no rule you need to write something for other people. Just know that someone somewhere will like what you’ve done. There are a lot of people in the world and if you cared enough to write it, someone will be happy reading it.

I’ve written a lot of stuff. Some will never see the light of day. That’s just the way my brain works. Some of this stuff isn’t meant for human consumption (some I wouldn’t even let my dog poop on). Even so, there is some of it that I’m quite happy with. I had fun writing the stories and hopefully people enjoy reading them. That’s why I write. I want to entertain people. Nothing more, nothing less. In the end I’d be just as happy with 10 people reading my work as 10,000. Obviously if 10,000 people read my work I’ll be more motivated to write more, but it won’t change the fact that I’m having fun doing this.

I’m going to do my day job. Then I’m going to have some fun. I hope, if you write, you’re having fun too.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 25

Today is not just a good day, it’s a great day! I got up early. I feel wonderful. Sputtery Truck isn’t so sputtery at the moment (and I ordered parts only to replace that will ensure it stays less sputtery). I have an incredible week off from work. I didn’t have 10,000 emails when I got back (only 9,999). So today is a GREAT day.

It’s the 26th of November. I have 5 writing days left to hit 50,000 words. Can I do it? I’m sitting on 40689. That means I have less than 9000 words to go! I’d do the math, but why do math when I can be thinking about the awesome things that will be happening to my characters in the next few day?

I’m also excited that I crossed the 450,000 word mark. That was my word goal for 2012 and I passed that mark with lots of year still left to go. Next year’s goals are still coalescing in my mind and we’ll see what happens. I’m shifting between 2000 words per weekday, 1500 words per day, 350,000 words of new fiction + 200,000 words on the blog. So much thought is going into just what I’ll do next year, it’s a little distracting. What do I do?

I say down and wrote last night. I had fully intended to take a day off from writing. I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t. I’ve built up all this momentum and motivation and excitement, how can I NOT write?

Let me take a couple deep breaths here.

Okay, better. How has your year gone? Did you keep track of the number of words you wrote? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Do you have time to set a quick goal and accomplish it before the end of the year? Were your thoughts greater than realization? Are you revamping your goals for next year?

It’s never too early to start planning what you’re going to do. I used to think “Pfft, I don’t need to write that down, I’ll know when I hit my target.” Seeing my numbers in a spreadsheet really drove home the point that I DO need to see the numbers and goals in front of me. I need to see then each and every day or I’ll allow things to slip and slide out of control. My year wasn’t perfect. I won’t lie. But my numbers were in a steady upward trend all year. Here’s the graph showing 2012’s progress for the curious.

Like I said, steady, upward progress. Each day was only a small, tiny portion of the words I needed for the entire year. It wasn’t always easy. The straight, blue line you can see shows the target, the jagged, red line shows you where I was actually at. The flat line at the very end shows you December (words I haven’t written yet). Little things like this motivated me throughout the year. Even when I hit a slump, I could still see where I was at, make adjustments, kick my self in the rear and write more.

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself. Sometimes you think what you’re writing sucks, you see friends writing or producing anthologies and think, I want to come play in that sandbox. I strongly doubt that it’s ever anything personal, but I keep pressing forward and putting work out there. Well, I was. Next year I’ll be putting more out there and having a lot of fun doing on. As long as I’m having my fun, others can have their fun. If we share in that fun together, bonus, but I can’t pause and dwell on anything negative or it’ll suck me down into a hole (yes, that did happen this year)

I know I’ll see negative reviews. I’ve seen those before. They suck. I move on. I’m not writing for those people. I’m writing for myself first. That makes the writing more fun than it ever has been. I’m not trying to write to the market. I’m writing the best stuff I can and having a lot of fun in doing so. As long as I’ve been writing I’ve still got so much to learn. Doing what I did this year provided me with so much food for thought on how to tackle next year.

I will continue to put my thoughts together for how this year played out. Where all those words went. What I accomplished. What I intended to accomplish. What went right. What went wrong. It’ll be a wordy post that will have to wait until after NaNoWriMo. I have a day job that needs doing. I’d better get on that.

Until Tomorrow!


Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 24

You thought I forgot about you, didn’t you? Go ahead, admit it. You didn’t think I was going to post today.

It’s alright, I didn’t think I was going to post either. To be honest, I had no intention of writing at all today. You may ask and wonder why. Well, I’ll tell you why.

In mid-December 2011 I decided to create a spreadsheet to track the number of words I wrote. I expanded that spread sheet to show a target for 2012. I added many columns, put the dates all the way through until the end of 2012 and I projected just how much I needed to write on a daily basis in order to reach that goal. I set a goal of 500,000 words.  To be honest that number scared me. Scared me a lot. What if things happened or got in the way or what if I had a day I couldn’t write.

I backed that goal down to 450,000 words for 2012. I looked at the 1233. That’s how many words per day I needed to write each and every day in order to hit my daily word goal. Sounds so simple. It was at first, then it got harder as I started to stress out about the numbers. Then I started writing like a madman. I was writing on my daily update, Unorthodox writing tips, guest blogs, book reviews, movie reviews…

Wait a minute. I thought I was here to write fiction.

Suffice to say, it’s not December yet and I’m sitting on 451080 words on the year. I’ll do a postmortem of 2012 sometime in December after NaNoWriMo, but trust me when I say two things about 2012.

1) It wasn’t easy to write 450,000 words in as short a time as I did

2) I always felt like I wasn’t writing enough when I did write.

Yes, those sound contradictory, but when I write up how I got here, you’ll understand a lot more of how this year went and how those numbers kept on climbing. It’s been a long journey and if you’d like to read back through the year you may see what happened and what didn’t happen. I learned so much not only about my writing, but about myself, my family, my friends.

Am I excited to be over 450,000 words and beyond my goal? You bet your sweet aunt petunia I am. Will I stop now that I hit my goal? Oh my, tis to laugh. I shan’t be stopping any time soon. I’ve finally found a groove that took me all of 2012 to really find. Now that I’m in that groove, I intend to write even more words in 2013 and work on getting books into the hands of readers. Exciting times are ahead.

For now, I’m tired. I took care of Sputtery Truck today. I took my Favorite Daughter to a private volleyball lesson. We ate a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with the Millicans. (It was the Millican who scared Sputtery Truck into running right again). All in all it was an awesome day. Tomorrow will be filled with more adventure, more words, and more time with my family.

I hope you also had a wonderful weekend and I hope that you’re doing well on your NaNoWriMo goal. Just remember, that if you missed, you stalled, you had trouble along the way, 50,000 wasn’t the main point. The main point was to sit down every day and write. You also don’t need November to work on your writing. Build your own spreadsheet in google docs and go for it. Set a target, write towards it. You can do this. I’m proof that anyone can do this.

It’s been a very long weekend. So much has happened and I’m tired. I need some sleep and I will begin tomorrow to get into the home stretch of my NaNoWriMo goal. For now, I’ve got a tummy full of Turkey once again and it’s time for bed. Tomorrow I’ll be up early and back to work once more. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for reading my ramblings.

Until Tomorrow!