Daily Update: You just never know.

The wife has needed to get a refill for a prescription. The pharmacy said they needed to get a call from her doctor. They hadn’t gotten one after three attempts to reach her. The wife finally called her doctor and got a new number to call. She called that number and her doctor, due to health reasons, had to leave her practice.

Junior Seau was an excellent football player. He played in San Diego (his home town), had his own restaurant, a field name after him where his brother coached football (and the Millican’s son played). He had fame, fortune, adoration of fans, an awesome career. Yet he committed suicide yesterday.

You just never know what life is going to deal you. You also never know what other people are living with that they might not be telling you. I’m going to be sappy here for a moment. Take the time to tell someone you love them, you care about them, you appreciate them. It’s easy to go through life and act tough, but when you lose someone, those moments are gone forever. You just never know what sits around the bend.

On a lighter note, edits for Jack Kane are progressing nicely. I didn’t get much done yesterday as I needed to edit and produce the latest episode of the Action Pack Podcast. It’s now live so head on over and check it out. The stories are building. We’re only three in and things are just hopping along. If you haven’t dipped your toe in yet, you’ll have three episodes to listen to. Enjoy!

Other than that, I’ve been crazy busy with work. Hopefully things will settle down enough for me to get my head back on straight. It’s been a lot of early mornings. I’m hoping those slow down here soon. As I stands, I have plans through the weekend. Every day there’s something going on. Oh the joy of having kids. 🙂 Enjoy them while you can. The time flies by.

I have a lot to get done today, so just a short post. Ducks will happen tomorrow. Just you wait and see.

Until Tomorrow!


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