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Did a different show tonight.

Oh, yes, yes, I did record a 5 a Day With Jay, but I also met with a good friend of mine, Jack Mangan for (you can watch it here)

We spent an hour talking about metal songs that ran the decades and covered nearly every genre of metal. I had so much fun.

On the writing front, I’m still getting things ready for the May 5th release. I’m no longer anxious/scared/petrified. I’m excited. I’m eager to get the books and short stories rolling out. I’ll be doing a podcast interview next Monday with one of my writers group friends. I’ll also start reaching out to other podcasters and see about getting out there and doing more interviews.

I also need to update my Amazon author profile. I went from a guy that was randomly publishing books to a “What ever happened to?” author. I was never 100% satisfied with the books I put out and now that I’ve done a thorough cleaning and editing of the books, I’m much happier with the state their in. I’ve always loved the stories and I’m more excited than ever to get the out to people.

As always, I’m glad you’re here with me. This next year is going to go by so fast. I’m glad I started blogging again so I can chronicle the steps along the way.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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Daily Update: I was annoyed, but now I’m happy

I spent too much time last night trying to figure out why I couldn’t play music like I should be able to. I use my Xoom tablet for almost everything and I had Winamp installed and the latest Xoom update made the generic music player become the Google Music player. Ok, that’s fine.

However when I went to play a song, I noticed that winamp skipped a couple before it played a song. I didn’t think anything of it for the first couple of days until I opened the Music player and it wouldn’t play anything.

See, I like winamp, but the Music Player would allow me to select an album an play only that album in order. I wanted to listen to Pink Floyd – The Wall. For some reason winamp doesn’t think I should be able to do this without creating a playlist.

So I tried to figure out why the Google music player wasn’t playing, got really frustrated, and went back to winamp to play Weird Al – Hardware Store (love this song) and as I’m scrolling through the songs in winamp I noticed that there were three, four, and in some cases FIVE copies of each and every song. Huh?

I have (or had) all my music on the micro SD card. That’s the only place I’ve ever put songs. At some point all the songs got copied over onto the Xoom’s main memory. Ok, fine. That’d account for two, but all the rest? They were pretty much dead songs and I had no way to remove them except to navigate one by one in winamp and remove the offending songs. I uninstalled winamp and reinstalled it thinking that would cure the problem. Well, no. It didn’t

I installed MixZing. At first, yes, it also had the same issue. All songs were listed multiple times even after deleting the duplicate music folder. Color me confused, but MixZing has an awesome feature that allowed me to say “HERE’S MY MUSIC! RIGHT THERE! ONLY THERE!” and I selected only the SD card music folder and magically I have only one of each song again. Color me a happy boy.

I still need to play with it and discover if I can play an album instead of just shuffling the songs, but at this point I think it’s pretty cool. It also downloads and displays cover art which I also think is pretty cool. I’ll keep you updated if I ever figure out what happened. I think Winamp or Google Music created the duplicate folder and/or some bizarre playlist that goofed things up. I’ll have to look deeper into it, but for now I’m a happy music listener.

In other news, Mike Plested and I have begun the plotting of Jack Kane book 2 (title pending) and we had a conversation last night. We had each other laughing which is a good sign. Hopefully we can make others laugh as well. We’re currently doing our plotting in google docs and ‘tagging’ each other as we add a line/paragraph for a given scene and we’ll keep going back and forth until we have an outline. To help with continuity we’ll  be doing one chapter at a time and, again, play tag. It’ll be an interesting experience.

I’ve got to run. I’ll ramble more tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow!


I decided to work out today…

I decided to work out for Thirty minutes on the elliptical today. Here’s how it went.

00:00-02:00 – This isn’t so bad. I can do this for thirty minutes.
02:00-05:00 – Breathing a bit heavier than normal, but I can do this.
05:12 – My head itches. I think I have dandruff.
05:37 – My head REALLY itches. I think I have head lice!
06:17 – What’s this liquid in my hair? Is that sweat?
07:38 – Whoops, my knee skipped a beat there.
08:00-10:00 – If I blink enough I think I can keep the sweat out of my eyes.
10:15 – I don’t recall my shirt having a dark stain on it?
10:38 – Wait a minute, am I sweating there too?
11:45 – Alright, I’m a third of the way done. I know I can do this!
13:02 – Thirty minutes? What was I thinking?
14:30 – Half-way done. Yes, Half-way done. I’m pretty sure I can do this.
15:00 – Oh, now I’m half-way done.
15:15 – Time moves slower when I work out, have I discovered time travel?
16:25 – I’m not done yet? I must be moving close the speed of light. This is taking forever!
16:49 – I need to stop looking at the time. I swear it’s lying to me!
17:15 – Why does my back itch?
17:25 OW! Why’d I let go of the handle to scratch my back? That’ll leave a mark
18:22 – I’m a third of the way done. I’m glad I don’t do math at my work.
19:00 – I really should stop looking at the time.
19:11 – Whoops, knee slipped again.
20:21 – OW OW OW! Let the back itch! Let the back itch!
20:29 – Is it warm in here?
20:44 – I don’t remember that puddle on the floor.
21:23 – Toss glasses into chair. Sweat won’t let them stay on my face.
22:55 – My shirt seems to be an entirely darker shade now. That’s interesting.
23:16 – Well, my sleeves aren’t doing much to keep the sweat out of my eyes anymore.
24:24 – Shouldn’t I be done by now?
25:01 – I think I’m going to die when this is over. I should just stop now.
25:02 – NO! You’re only five minutes away from being done. That’s not that long!
25:03 – But I’m tired!
25:04 – No pain, no gain!
25:05 – What’s that supposed to mean anyway?
25:06 – Quit you’re whining and keep going!
25:07 – No, really. I swear time had all but stopped.
25:08 – Yeah, time stopped.
25:16 – Whoops. I should pay attention.
26:04 – OW! Why does my entire body itch?
27:00 – JANE! Stop this crazy thing!
28:00 – Wait, did time start back up again?
28:13 – I can’t feel my legs
29:00 – Only one minute left! I should do a sprint to finish up
29:01 – Stop laughing! It hurts when I laugh!
29:02 – Go Go Go!
29:03 – Did time stop again?
29:15 – Is this over? I mean really. I didn’t realize thirty minutes was so long.
29:30 – Quit looking at the time. Close your eyes.
29:31 – Whoops. Almost lost my balance.
29:33 – Yup, my legs are still there. Can’t feel them, but they’re there.
29:34 – THUD! Quit looking down!
29:35 – At least I can’t feel the itching in my scalp anymore.
29:36 – Really? This is still going? This is like a bad movie
29:40 – I got this. Twenty seconds. I got this!
29:45 – Will anyone know if I stop now? Anyone?
29:46 – So close! So close!
29:27 – Time is going backwards? WTF?
29:48 – Oh, I read that wrong. I should have left my glasses on.
29:50 – Maybe if I just kept working out, time would completely stop!
29:59 – I think one of my arms fell off.
30:00 – WHACK! OW!
30:00 – BEEP BEEP! What? I’m done?
30:05 – I can make it to the chair. I know I can. I know I can.
30:10 – I just need to sit for a few minutes and catch my breath.
30:15 – What’s that poking me in the… DOH! Glasses.

I think I’ll do that again tomorrow. For those keeping score: 30 Minutes, 3.18 miles.

Workout Playlist:
Slipknot – Before I Forget
Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
Slayer – Chemical Warfare
Megadeth – Hangar 18
Anthrax w/Public Enemy – Bring the Noise
Metal Church – Merciless Onslaught
Metallica – Overkill
Joe Satriani – Satch Boogie.